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The photos in this blog capture a piece of Leona Valley history from 1913 till about 1930 and are from various Hall family members. In 1913 my grandfather Frank D Hall bought the 3000 acre St. Anthony Ranch, the valley was then known as Leonis. He changed the name of the ranch to Leona Valley Ranch and set about building a dairy farm, but things didn't work out so well. My dad, also Cliff, grew up on the ranch.
The Leona Valley Town Council has a history document here:
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Saturday, April 2, 2011

Corn - Old Silo - circa 1916

Another photo of ranch hands using Mogul 8-16 tractor to load old silo.  This time corn.  Erwin Hall on right.

Valley Panorama from above Hall ranch house

Not sure when different things were built on ranch.  The new concrete silo is finished, but
cow barn only has the slab floor poured.  My guess is around 1919.
You can see 90th St W crossing Elizabeth Lake Rd (line of trees) on left side of photo.  To right
and above the big barn is the orchard on far side at Elizabeth Lake Rd & Bouquet Canyon.
[Scroll to the right, very wide photo]

The Ranch Hands - circa 1920

A hard working lot, posing for a photo, before the day begins on the Hall ranch.

Sunday, February 27, 2011

Jack K. & Cliff in front of Ol Bull - 1918

Of course that is no bull.  Little farm humor on the part of the 4 Hall boys.  Cow barn to left.